Tysons Partnership Wins 2015 DCRA Award for Leadership

Tysons Partnership has won the 2015 DCRA Award for Leadership, presented by Delegate Ken Plum, DCRA Chairman, at the DCRA Spring Meeting and reception, hosted by Macerich at Tysons Corner Center Atrium.

“In recognition of your leadership in the transformation of Tysons into the next great multi-modal city, I’m happy on behalf of the Board of the Dulles Corridor Rail Association to make a presentation of this award.”   Partnership Chairman Mark Carrier [VP B.F. Saul Hospitality Group] accepted the award, along with President Michael Caplin and immediate past Chairman Sol Glasner [Mitre Corporation].

“Dulles Corridor Silver Line is not just about laying rail.  It is about building successful communities all along that rail,” said Delegate Plum.  “We’re delighted to see what’s happening in Tysons, where Tysons Partnership made a commitment to the betterment of the community, and turned Metro stops into something significant — places where people want to live, and work and play. Tysons Partnership is changing the geography of Tysons as well as the quality of life there, with exciting events for individuals and families.  Tysons has long been a great place to shop. Now there are even more reasons to come to Tysons.”

In accepting the award, Mark Carrier, Chairman of the Tysons Partnership, remarked, “The Partnership is a really unique collection of stakeholders here in Tyson: developers, residents, retailers, employers – really an eclectic group. I feel very proud to be a part of a wonderful group of people working in the best interests of the community as we go about making the next great American city. That’s what we are all about.”

Sol Glasner, Immediate past Chair, added:  “Tysons Partnership is all about transforming this area from what it was into a 24-hour per day, livable, walkable, workable community.  A partnership that represents everyone in the community is very powerful. This is a 30-, 40-, 50- year project. We’ve made a fantastic start; you can see it just outside. It’s only going to get better. Thank you very much for this recognition.”

Michael Caplin, Partnership president, said:  “Partnership members each do more than their share of everything because they know that is what it takes to build a vital, connected community.”

Tysons Partnership also received a Transurban Community Grant to support Partnership place-making efforts of signage, banners and beautification.  Transurban is operator of the 495 Express Lanes and also operates a grants program to help improve the quality of life in the region. For more information: www.tysonspartnership.org.

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